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Recruiting in the 21st century

HR Manager Pro makes recruitment possible from any place of the world. With only an internet connection, our applicant screenig and assessment Software as a Service offers the flexibility that any HR professional needs. Our secure plaform removes the need of being inside the corporate network and gives you the possibility to work from anywhere on any internet enabled device.

All recruitment processes in one place

Applicant Tracking

Create a corporate talent pool and track the applicant performance. Having all the information about your candidates in a single place, makes recruiting more efficient. Assessment results, performance comparisons, résumés, interview notes are one click away, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Candidate Assessment

Hire the best people, faster, using multiple assessments in different expertise areas. We provide a wide range of assessments and also offer the possibility to create your custom tests. Access to our knowledgebase is unlimited and you can mix questions of different difficulties in your own subjects, to create the most relevant assessments.

Unlimited candidates

Store unlimited candidates, resumes, documents and pictures, all in one place. Take notes during interviews and store them together so you can keep track of where a candidate is in the recruitment process. Update applicant personal information when necessary and never worry about information leaking because at HR Manager Pro we pay great attention to security.

  • Reducing candidate screening time

    Candidate screening is a key facet of talent acquisition.

    HR Manager Pro offers a new streamlined employee screening processes to reduce cycle time from days to minutes, save thousands of dollars, and shorten time to productivity for new employees.

  • Using an external talent pool

    Smart recruitment identifies and matches people with a specific skill set to a particular job. By using a recruitment software with a candidate database, you can automate screening and candidate matching.

    Candidate management can lower recruitment costs by matching new job opportunities to candidates screened in the past. By using the talent pool in this fashion, you remove the need to create a new pool of candidates for each new position.

    Managing and searching your candidate database can reduce recruitment costs per candidate by as much as 50 percent.

  • Direct cost savings

    Target direct cost savings by automating the recruitment process. A paperless process makes your company more environment friendly. Software automation saves energy in mailing, storage, handling, filing, and reporting tasks.

    Direct cost savings come from reduced paperwork related to résumés, assessments and onboarding. Cloud based recruitment is inherently greener than purchased software hosted on local servers.

HR Manager Profeatures

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    Simple way to manage a talent pool

    Keep track of all candidates that you assess. Test results, interview notes and résumés are available all in one place. Having a talent pool available at all times will save time when searching for a new candidate. Import your current talent pool and continue to work on it.

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    Use assessments to evaluate candidates

    Once you have created a talent pool of candidates you can start assessing their competences using either our industry standard assessments or you can use custom assessments that you can create directly in HR Manager Pro.

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    Professional admin dashboard

    Having quick access to relevant data was one of our main concerns when designing the application. We find that usability is very important for a tool that aims to improve productivity and objectiveness in recruiting.

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    Build the applicant profile in time

    Keep track of an applicant’s assessments, interview notes, personal data and documents … all in one place, accessible anytime, from every device. Unlimited storage space for candidate related documents, enables your company to move to paperless processes.

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    Adaptable to the company’s culture

    Use the company logo in emails. Send custom notification messages to applicants, whether it is to invite them to an interview or to give them feedback in case they didn’t meet your recruitment standards.

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    Only the relevant information

    Why spend your time trying to extract data from complicated analytics, when HR Manager Pro can give you upfront all the information need. Our assessment score computation algorithm takes into account many factors and computes them into a single result.


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